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竞赛 >> WTBC精品茶叶冲煮大赛 >> 2016年中国精品茶叶冲煮大赛



China National Competition,
Brewers Cup
Competition arrangement

Competition Date: 5-7 May 2016       
比赛时间:2016年5月5 - 7日

Venue for competition: 2016 SIAL China– Shanghai New International Expo Centre
比赛地点:2016中食展(SIAL China) - 上海新国际博览中心

Competition Rule
Candidates must progress through two rounds of competition before they come to finals. During the two rounds of competition, candidates will need to brew a Specialty Tea for evaluation by a panel of judges. The panel of judges will consist of a Head Judge and three Sensory Judges. In the First Round ”Closed Service”, the tea will not be known to the competitors, as it will be provided to them by the Organiser. In the Second Round “Open Service” the competitors will have the opportunity to brew a tea of their own selection for the judges. They will also be required to prepare and serve a “Signature beverage”, a hot or cold drink with a distinctive taste of tea, where competitors may use ingredients other than tea. The contestants will be individually assessed by the judges by referring to a WTC standard, which evaluates their tea-brewing expertise, the taste of their tea drinks and their service professionalism. The Head Judge will make the final decision on the scoring of the contestants. Six candidates will be selected to enter the third and final round by using an alternate or the same tea used in open service. (Please refer the detailed competition rules to websites mentioned below in this article)
参赛人员在决赛前需要经过两轮预赛,预赛中,参赛人员要由统一的裁判员对他们冲泡的茶进行评价,裁判由一名裁判长和三名感官评委组成。在第一轮预赛“Closed services”中,参赛人员需要在指定的时间对由主办方提供的统一分量的一款茶进行冲泡;而第二轮比赛“Opened services”当中,参赛人员有机会自己选择一种茶进行冲泡,同时他们也需要准备一份“个性茶饮”,这份“创意茶饮”可以是热饮或冷饮,也可以是增添了很多其它成分的茶饮。由4为评委分别对每个参赛人员的冲茶技艺、茶饮的风味和冲茶过程中的专业表现,根据统一的WTBC标准打分,由裁判长对评分最后进行综合判断。6名进入决赛的选手将在最后一轮比赛当中使用另一种自选茶或第二轮比赛用茶进行最后角逐。
Other arrangements
Between rounds of competition, judges and other tea professionals will be invited to share different professional specialty tea brewing methods, tea equipment and share their vast tea knowledge.  There will also be a demonstration area for different types of Specialty teas from different regions, which will be perfect taste with visible feeling of the perfectly brewed teas of the world.

Winner Prizes
$1,000 USD First place, $600 USD second Place, $300 USD third place, and commemorative gifts sponsored.
冠军1,000 美元、亚军600美元、季军300美元,此外参赛选手还将获得比赛赞助商提供的奖品。

Judges Calibration will be held the day prior to the competition.
Judges: 1 Head Judge, 3 sensory Judges

Oragnisers:  SIAL China, AASTA, Cafe Culutre
本次大赛主办方:SIAL集团、澳大利亚精品茶叶协会(AASTA)、Cafe Culture杂志
Inaugurated in 2012, The Australasian Specialty Tea Association (AASTA) was inspired by a vision to create a thriving specialty tea industry in Austral and Asia. AASTA is fulfilling this aim through the support and education of members, which include a diverse and growing number of Tea enthusiasts and educators, tea importers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. To date, AASTA has provided a forum for industry members to network, enhanced the profile and awareness of specialty tea through media partnerships and collaborative events, and established itself as an information source for industry expertise to support the promotion and availability of specialty tea.
中食展 (SIAL China)
SIAL Paris was found in 1964, a biennial exhibition, with a history of 50 years. Now, it has become the largest trade show in the global industry of food and beverage. Since 2000, SIAL has been transplanted in China guided by Internationalism, Professionalism and Trade. Emphasizing both import & export and domestic trade, SIAL China has been successfully held for 15 editions, and has become the largest, the highest standard, and the most profitable international food show in China, as well as the largest in Asia.
The most profitable food trade show
SIAL China attracts Asian and even visitors from all over the world to Shanghai, together constructing the most influential commerce and trade platform in China food industry every year.
Professional visitors include many fields, from exporters, distributors, wholesalers& retailers, supermarket & hypermarkets to the fields of hotels, catering and beverage purchasers.
Qualified visitors bring a lot of cooperation opportunities for exhibitors.
The largest food and beverage show
It had 115,000 sqm ( increased 20% compared with 2014). SIAL China is the largest exhibition not only in China but also in Asia.
2,700 exhibitors from 90 countries will take part in SIAL China 2015(increased 13% compared with 2014).
来自海内外90个国家和地区的2,700家展商(相比2014年增长13%)将亮相SIAL China 2015中食展。
That so many international exhibitors took part, on one hand, reflects the globalized trend in food trade, on the other hand, reveals SIAL China’s internationalism. In China, SIAL China is the only inclusive food show who is attracting so many countries and regions!
Cafe Culture
Cafe Culture International was founded for Australia Cafe Industry by Sean Edwards in 2001. Back to 2001, Sean was managing two self-owned cafes. In order to support the start-ups in industry and a platform to share experiences and information among fellow traders, he staged the very first professional coffee expo Cafe Biz in 2003. With Cafe Biz’s popularity, Cafe Culture Magazine focusing on business in cafe industry came to birth in 2004. It was printed over 12,000 copies each issue and posted directly to all cafe owners and industry suppliers. From 2006, Cafe Culture International started hosting the Golden Bean Roasting Competition, and now it has become the largest world-wide roasting event.
Cafe Culture 由Sean Edwards于2001年在澳大利亚创建,当时Sean自主经营着两家咖啡餐馆,为了帮助行业内的初创企业,他将积累的各种经验及信息分享给同行。2003年开始筹办了咖啡餐饮行业展览会Cafe Biz,2004年伴随着Cafe Biz的发展壮大,专注咖啡餐饮行业经贸方面的杂志Cafe Culture Magazine应运而生,发行量每期超过12,000册。2006年,Cafe Culture International开始主办金豆杯烘焙大赛,目前该项赛事已成为全球最大的咖啡烘焙比赛。
Over the past decade, Cafe Culture Magazine has always believed in market education. The team devoted to helping new cafe runners away from failure due to lack of experiences and information. It has kept evolving and growing with the market. Furthermore, Cafe Culture International has assisted in founding the benchmarks for baristas, which leads the Australian even world’s trend in coffee hospitality.
历经10年,Cafe Culture杂志始终坚信行业知识普及的重要性,热衷帮助由于缺乏行业和市场经验的咖啡餐饮经营者远离失败,持续不断地提供咖啡餐饮行业资讯。此外,Cafe Culture International还帮助建立咖啡师行业标准,引领着澳大利亚咖啡餐饮行业的发展潮流,现已成为国际权威的行业引领者。
In 2013 Cafe Culture embarked on research into opportunities within the developing Chinese market and in July 2014 Café Culture magazine China was officially launched. We can now fully support all cafe owners, baristas, roasters and suppliers in building comprehensive connections in the Chinese Cafe Industry. Based on three years experience in China, Cafe Culture understands Chinese ideology behind doing business in this environment.
2013年起,Cafe Culture开始在中国调研市场、寻求发展机会,2014年7月出刊了第一本咖啡餐饮行业专业杂志。我们将借助Cafe Culture国际的专业知识和经验以及对咖啡餐饮市场的国际视角,为咖啡馆经营者、咖啡师、咖啡烘焙商以及其他咖啡餐饮从业者建立全方位、多层次的联系。经过三年多对中国市场的理解,Cafe Culture China形成了对中国市场的独特认知和独到的发展思路。
Cafe Culture China Milestones
Cafe Culture中国 大事记
May 2013 - Cafe Culture China started understand and doing research for China market. 
2013年5月,Cafe Culture 开始在了解和对中国市场进行市场调研

March 2014 - Cafe Culture Magazine China launches trial issue at HOTELEX Shanghai with excellent feedback and a positive response
2014年3月,Cafe Culture 杂志试刊登陆上海 Hotelex,引起咖啡餐饮行业热烈反响
June 2014  – Issue 1 of Cafe Culture Magazine China was official launched with more than 40 000 copies distributed. At the same time the China Cafe Industry Survey was conducted
2014年6月,Cafe Culture 杂志中国大陆第一期正式出版,首期杂志直投至超过4万册,并同期举办《2014中国咖啡餐饮行业从业者市场调查》
July 2014 - Cafe Culture WeChat account launched. Within half a year, it accumulated over 10,000 followers.  The set up includes daily news covering the world-wide cafe industry and columns devoted to café industry knowledge and information.
2014年7月,Cafe Culture China  微信订阅号开通,半年累计关注者人数超过万人,除每日推送国外最新行业资讯外,还设立了多个固定栏目
August to November 2014 - Cafe Culture China exhibits in several domestic industry expos with latest magazines, on-site presentations of coffee making and various new coffee products.  Cafe Culture gains further awareness in domestic Cafe Market.
2014年8-11月,Cafe Culture 亮相国内重要咖啡行业展会,发布最新杂志、进行现场咖啡制作展示以及介绍多元化咖啡最新产品
November 2014 - Cafe Culture China hosts Coffee Notes events, which gathered coffee lovers and professionals to share and taste coffee  from different roasters. An excellent platform for industry networking and sharing.
2014年11月,举办多场 Coffee Notes 活动,将咖啡行业专业人士与咖啡爱好者聚集一堂,共同品鉴来自不同烘焙商的咖啡豆产品,交流、分享心得,传播咖啡文化
March 2014

1.Competitors must be at least 18 years of age at the time of competing in any World Tea Championship event.
2.Competitors must hold a valid passport from the country he or she represents and only represent one country if they hold dual citizenship.
3.All expenses must be covered by competitors in participating in the World Tea Championship National Event. The WTC shall not be liable for any competitor expenses under any circumstance.

4.All Competitor Contestant Registration Forms must be completed, in full by competitors no less than 6 April 2015. Approved Competitors will receive confirmation by email around 20 April 2015. Acceptance of late registrations will be subject to discretion by the organisers.
5.Entry Fee: 380RMB.





《Cafe Culture | 啡言食语》是中国最受欢迎的咖啡餐饮文化的专业媒体,致力于为咖啡餐饮行业的各个层面建立全方位、多层次的交流平台,旨在为正在发展中的中国咖啡餐饮市场从业者,提供专业资讯及技能培训。...[详细]




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